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The Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout (CNP) represents a coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation. CNP's mandate has been endorsed by over 300 public interest groups from across Canada. CNP's national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Out Front

Smart Green Energy

The Refurbishment of Quebec’s Gentilly-2 Reactor:
A Bad Decision for Human Health

"One of the radioactive materials released from the Gentilly-2 reactor is tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen. It is released into the air in the form of radioactive water vapour, and into the river in the form of radioactive water. When breathed into the lungs, 100 percent of the tritium is absorbed into the body. About half as much again is absorbed directly through the skin. Once inside the body, tritium can cause cancer and genetic damage to DNA molecules; in pregnant women, the tritium is absorbed readily by the developing fetus."


Smart Green Energy

Review of Ontario government's own data show it doesn't need coal or planned nuclear plants to keep the lights on.

"WWF-Canada and the Pembina Institute have commissioned a landmark study to forecast three options for Ontario’s energy future. Renewable is Doable confirms that smart, targeted investments in a diverse array of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions over the next twenty years will achieve major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the closure of our highly-polluting coal plants, and avoid the need for new nuclear investments."


Smart Green Energy

Report: Tritium emissions from Canadian nuclear reactors the highest in the world

Radioactive tritium is being released into the environment at the highest rates in the world by Canada’s nuclear reactors - at rates 10 times higher than those allowed in the United States and 100 times higher than the level allowed in Europe.


Smart Green Energy

A Plan for Green Energy in Ontario

A coalition of environmental groups - including CNP supporting organizations Greenpeace and Sierra Club of Canada - have released a report outlining how Ontario can meet the province’s energy needs through a mix of clean energy and efficiency projects. In fact, energy efficiency and low-impact renewable energy sources are capable of providing twice the projected electricity needs of Ontario by 2020. No need for new nuclear plants.


Keeping the Lights On!
Lessons from California

When faced with an electricity crisis, California didn’t panic and waste billions on impractical nuclear power plants; they conserved and reduced electricity demand by 10% in a single year!


Fifty Years of Canadian Nuclear Subsidies

Nuclear power in Canada has a more than 50 year track record of technical and financial failure. Over the decades, the Canadian government has provided more than $17 billion in subsidies. The full text and executive summary of Canadian Nuclear Subsidies: Fifty Years of Futile Funding, provides a detailed view of funding between 1953 and 2002.

Action Alerts

End the Nuclear Threat

We need an energy system that can fight climate change, based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Nuclear power already delivers less energy globally than renewable energy, and the share will continue to decrease in the coming years.

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Some web sites of CNP supporting groups

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area
Energy Probe
Greenpeace Canada
Sierra Club of/du Canada
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